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150 t/h crushing program of biological ore

Yield: 150 t / h Materials: Biological ore Feeding Requirements: ≤500mm Discharge Requirements:
Major equipment models: Feeder: one ZSW-380 * 96
Jaw crusher: one PE-600 * 900
Silo feeder: two ZSW-120 * 150
Impact crusher: one PF-1010
Shaker: one SZZ-2-1548
Shaker: one SZZ-3-1548

Characteristics of the material?
At present, there are about three thousand known biological ores, the vast majority of which are solid inorganic substance. Only dozens of them are liquid (such as oil, natural mercury), gaseous (such as natural gas, carbon dioxide and helium) and solid organic matter (such as oil shale, amber). Among the solid minerals, the most belong to crystalline mineral; only a very few (such as allophone) belong to amorphous minerals.
The advantages of our solutions?
Biological ore has higher hardness. Jaw crush is used when coarse break, impact crush is applied in second break. There are two intermediate hoppers designed in the production line, which ensure the uniform and stable feed rate of impact crush. At the same time, they increase the crusher production and improve the material performance.
Process Solutions
First stage: Chunks of biological ores are evenly put to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for first break.
Second stage: After rough crush, the materials are transferred to vibrating screen through the conveyor for coarse screening. The stones of 60-100mm and 100-160mm are screened out and taken to kiln through the silo feeder. Those stones that are bigger than 160mm are put into the impact crusher by the conveyor for secondary crushing.
Third stage: the stones from impact crusher are screened by vibrating sieve; four kinds of finished materials are obtained: 0-5mm, 5-16mm, 16-30mm, 30-40mm

Product composition Details:

Jaw Crusher:
Model: PE-600 * 900
Size: 2665 * 1850 * 2320
Maximum feed size: 500 mm
Handling capacity: 45-110 t / h

Model: ZSW'-380 * 96
Size: 3882 * 2177 * 2066
Maximum feed size: 500 mm
Handling capacity: 96-160 t / h

Impact Crusher:
Model: PF-1010
Size: 2455 * 2086 * 2800
Maximum feed size: 350 mm
Handling capacity: 50-100 t / h

Model: SZZ-2-1548
Size: 5881 * 2236 * 3524
Screen hole size: 5-40 mm sieve size
Handling capacity: 21-155t / h

Model: SZZ-3-1548
Size: 5990 * 2236 * 3524
Screen hole size: 5-40 mm sieve size
Handling capacity: 21-155t / h

Silo Feeder:
Model: ZSW-120 * 150
Product Dimensions
Max feed size


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