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400 tons / hour sand-making program with granite

Yield: 400 t / h Materials: Granite Feeding Requirements: ≤ 750mm Discharge Requirements: ≤80mm
Major equipment models: Feeder: one ZSW-600 * 130 A
Jaw Crusher: one PE-900 * 1200 A
Cone Crusher: one S-240
Cone Crusher: two HP3S
Shaker: two SZZ-3-2460
Silo Feeder: two ZSW-120 * 150
Sand Washing Machine: two XS-3016
Reshaping machine: two ZY-1250

Characteristics of the material?
Granite is acidic intrusive rock mainly made up of potassium feldspar, quartz and plagioclase. It owns granular, porphyritic-like and massive structures. It often appears as stock and batholiths. Its relative products include precious metals and radioactive deposits. Granite is difficult to weathering; it has beautiful color; its appearance and color can be maintained for more than a century. Based on its high hardness and wear resistance, granite is not only used for senior architectural engineering and hall floor, but the first choice for outdoor sculpture.
The advantages of our solutions?
Granite is very hard. Jaw crush is used for first break, cone crusher for the second break and granulate machine for third break. Two intermediate silos are designed in the production line, which ensure uniform and stable feed quantity of cone crusher and granulator. They increase the output of the crusher. Through granulate machine, the material gets good shape and improves its performance.
Process Solutions
First stage: Chunks of rocks or ores are evenly put to the jaw crusher by vibrating feeder for first break.
Second stage: After rough crush, the materials are transferred to intermediate silos; next vibration feeder will feed them into the cone crusher uniformly for further crushing (second break)
Third stage: the crushed materials are taken to vibrating screen through the belt conveyor; the materials are sieved to three sizes 0-40, 40-80 and more than 80. The materials of 0-40mm are transported to the shaping buffer silo. The materials of 40mm-80mm are used as the finished material. The materials larger than 70mm are taken to another compound cone crusher for crushing.
Fourth stage: the materials from shaping buffer are put into shaping machine evenly by vibration feeder. The materials from two shaping machines are screened and divided into three kinds of finished materials 0-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-40mm.
Fifth stage: take the materials from the shaping machine to the sand washing machine for cleaning; enter the sediment separator to obtain the finished sand.


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