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200 t / h sand-making program with basalt

Yield: 200 t/h Materials: Basalt Feeding Requirements: ≤600mm Discharge Requirements: ≤30mm
Major equipment models: 1 Vibrating Feeder: one ZSW-420 × 110
2 jaw crusher: one PE750 × 1050
3 cone crusher: one HB155B
4. SZZ shaker: two SZZ-3-2060
5 Silo feeder: ZG2D 1 Taiwan

Characteristics of the material?
Basalt is a basic extrusive rock. Its chemical composition is similar with gabbros. The content of SiO2 changes between 45% and 52%; K2O and Na2O content is slightly higher than the intrusive rocks, the content of CaO, Fe2O3, FeO and MgO is slightly lower than intrusive rocks. The density of basalt is 2.8 ~ 3.3g/cm3; its densification compression can be up to 300MPa, and sometimes higher. It is decreased when there is glassiness or pore. Basalt has high durability and many joints; the joint surface is always hexagons.
The advantages of our solutions?
Multi-vesicular basalt is also known as pumice. It is polyporous and hard. It can reduce the weight of concrete when mixed in. Basalt is not only durable, but sound-proof and adiabatic. It is good aggregate of lightweight concrete for high-rise buildings. Basalt is the best stone materials to repair roads, railways and airport runways. It owns strong resistance to pressure, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance and asphalt adhesion. Basalt stone has the advantages of abrasion resistance, less draft, poor conductivity, strong compression resistance, low crushing value, good corrosion resistance, asphalt adhesion etc. It is internationally recognized and the best cornerstone of rail and road transport.
Process Solutions
First stage: raw materials slip to vibration feeder from the large hopper; the feeder put the materials evenly into jaw crusher; materials from jaw crusher enter secondary crushing buffer silo.
Second stage: materials in secondary crushing buffer silo go into HB155 cone crusher through the feeder.
Third stage: the materials after cone crusher are taken to vibrating screen through the belt conveyor. Five kinds of materials are screened out: materials bigger than 30mm return HB155 cone crusher; materials of 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm are transported to material pile by the belt conveyor as finished products.

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