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Limestone summary


Limestone is one kind of sedimentary rock. It is of crystalline and layered structure. The main rock-forming mineral is calcite (It may also contain clay, dolomite, magnesium carbonate, iron oxide, monox and some organic impurities.). Limestone has dense texture; compressive strength of 20 ~ 120MPa; apparent density of 2000 ~ 2600 kg/m3. When the clay impurities in limestone are over 3%~4%, its frost resistance and water resistance are significantly reduced. Siliceous limestone owns high strength, hardness and good durability. Most lime stones have fine texture; they are hard with strong resistance to weathering. Limestone is distributed all around. It is convenient to mine and easy to process. In the construction works, limestone is used for the foundation, walls, piers, steps and pavement. It is also used as concrete aggregate.

Limestone processing and production process

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