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Lead-zinc ore summary


Lead-zinc ore is the mineral rich in lead and zinc. Lead and zinc are extremely close in nature especially in primary deposits. They are often symbiotic. However, the industry can take advantage of only eleven kinds of lead minerals and six kinds of zinc minerals. Galena and sphalerite are the most important. The following are smithsonite and cerussite, etc. Lead and zinc are widely used in electrical industry, machinery industry, military industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, light industry, pharmaceutical industry and other fields. In addition, lead metal plays its role in the nuclear industry, the oil industry and other sectors.

Distribution of lead-zinc ore

Lead and zinc reserves are relatively rich in China. In terms of the big areas, the distribution ratio in the eastern, central and western economic areas: the eastern coastal areas, lead accounts for 26.2% and zinc 25.2%; central region, lead accounts for 30.8% and zinc 30.7%; western region, lead accounts for 43% and zinc 44.1%. But the reserves are relatively concentrated several provinces. Currently, 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities discover and explore the lead and zinc resources, but the current reserves are mainly concentrated in six provinces. The provinces whose total reserves of lead and zinc are more than 8 million tons are Yunnan (26,6291 million tons), Inner Mongolia (16,0987 million tons), Gansu (11,2249 million tons), Guangdong (10,7732 million tons), Hunan (8,8859 million tons) and Guangxi (8,788 million tons ). They add up to 82,3998 million tons, accounting for 64% of the total lead and zinc reserves of 129,5692 million tons. According to three economic regional distributions, they are mostly in the Midwest. The reserve of lead occupies 73.8% and zinc occupies 74.8%.

Lead-zinc ore processing and production process

Chunks of lead-zinc ores are sent to jaw crusher or mobile jaw crusher station evenly through vibrating feeder for primary crushing (first break). The crushed lead-zinc ore are screened by vibrating sieve, and then taken by the belt conveyor to single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for immediate crushing (second break). After that, the lead-zinc ore materials are sent into the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for fine crushing.

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