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Phosphate ore summary


Phosphate ores are mostly produced in sedimentary rock, some are also in the metamorphic and igneous rocks. Except few circumstances, phosphate in the minerals always exists in the form of orthophosphate. Its essential minerals are apatite. Phosphorus is an important chemical raw material, but also an essential growth element of crops. Industrial phosphorus must be extracted from a large number of phosphorite. They are used in the manufacture of yellow phosphorus, red phosphorus, phosphoric acid, phosphatic fertilizer and phosphate.

Phosphate ore distribution

Chinese phosphorite is widely distributed in 26 provinces (areas), relatively concentrated in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hubei and Hunan. The five provinces maintain reserves of 11.764 billion tons, accounting for 77% of the total. In addition, the rich ores with the content of P2O5 greater than 30% are almost concentrated in the five provinces. Specifically, the Chinese phosphate is mainly distributed in the following eight areas: Dianchi Lake area of Yunnan, Kaiyang region and Wengfu region of Guizhou, Golden River - Qing ping area and Mabian area of Sichuan, Yichang area, Huji area and Baokang region of Hubei.

Phosphate ore processing and production process

Chunks of phosphate ores are sent to jaw crusher or mobile jaw crusher station evenly through vibrating feeder for primary crushing (first break). The crushed phosphate ore are screened by vibrating sieve, and then taken by the belt conveyor to single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for immediate crushing (second break). After that, the phosphate ore materials are sent into the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for fine crushing.

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