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Pebble summary


Pebble is the extra product of exploiting yellow sand. It gets the name because of its shape of goose egg. As a natural stone, pebble comes from the gravel hill produced because of the uplift of ancient riverbed after experiencing crustal movement millions of years ago. They went through continuous extrusion and friction during the process of flood impact and water carrying. During tens of thousands of years’ evolution, they were hit by the waves and washed by water; they lost irregular edges because of gravel’s collision friction. And then they were buried in the ground with the sediment for millions of years.

Pebble Applications

Pebbles are widely used in public buildings, villas, garden buildings, paved roads (walking on the pebble road in the park helps add your life), the park rockery, bonsai filler material, garden art and other senior superstructure. It not only promotes the ancient oriental culture, but also reflects the western classical and elegant art style .

Pebble processing and production process

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