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Basalt summary


Basalt is a basic extrusive rock. Its chemical composition is similar with gabbros. It is of glassy or aphanitic porphyritic texture, stomatal or almond-shaped structure. The compressive strength of basalt changes greatly with its structure (100 ~ 500MPa). Its apparent density is 2900 ~ 3500kg/m3.
Basalt stone has the advantages of abrasion resistance, less draft, poor conductivity, strong compression resistance, low crushing value, good corrosion resistance, asphalt adhesion etc. It is the best cornerstone of highway, rail and airport pavement. Multi-vesicular basalt is also known as pumice. It is polyporous and hard. It can reduce the weight of concrete when mixed in. Basalt is not only durable, but sound-proof and adiabatic. It is good aggregate of lightweight concrete for high-rise buildings.

Basalt processing and production process

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