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About the National Day holiday notice

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The annual National Day is approaching . "National Day" the term refers to the national celebration of the matter , was first seen in the Western Jin Dynasty . Western Jin Dynasty writer Lu in the " five other vassal theory" a text once the " National Day alone its benefit , the main sorrow harms " records. China's feudal era, the national festive than the imperial throne , birthday and so on. And now it is established by the State for the National Day anniversary .

October 1, 1949 , Chairman Mao Zedong on the Tiananmen Gate in Beijing solemnly declared to the world : " The People's Republic of China was established ! " October 2, 1949 , the Central People's Government adopted the " Resolution on the National Day of Republic of China " , provides for an annual October 1 as the National Day , since then, every year on October 1 to become people of all nationalities celebrate the grand festival .

National Day is a statutory holiday , the company decided , in addition to duty outside the required three-day holiday , October 4 back to factory work . Guard duty and other special jobs as usual . Integrated Office , warehouse and other ministry departments arrange your duty . Assembly and maintenance in accordance with the interim repair customers informed . Postganglionic duty officer may be compensatory. National Day and the holidays are not the cafeteria cook , live plant personnel on duty and eating problems resolve themselves .

National Day break after adjustment: 8:00 am to go to work , 11:30 commuting , 12:30 work, 5:00 commuting . Please note that the factory workers work, work punch time .

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