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2013 Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice

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This month on the 19th is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. After the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival is the country's second largest traditional festivals. This year the festival 11 days earlier than last year, because last year's Lunar leap in April, and this year is no leap of a normal year. In China's lunar calendar, the year is divided into four seasons, each quarter is divided into Bangladesh, secondary, season three parts, which are also known as Mid-Autumn Festival Mid-autumn.

People say fifteen sixteen round moon, it is because some month sixteen day is the "look", and this year's Lunar August 15 evening is the "look", so the 15-year-moon than ten six round, full moon, people will naturally expect their families. Far away from home. Will also take sustenance own home and loved ones thoughts of love. So Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as "Reunion."

Mid-Autumn Festival is a statutory holiday. The company decided, in addition to the required duty outside a day off, guards and other special status to work as usual. Integrated Office, warehouse and other departments arrange on duty, in accordance with customer repair equipment maintenance situation at short notice. Postganglionic duty officer may be compensatory.

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